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  1. two table spoons Chia seeds
  2. one handful of Kakao Nibs
  3. three table spoons of shelled Hemp seeds
  4. one table spoon Organic Free trade Coconut Oil
  5. one teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea
  6. two cups of frozen Mixed Berries
  7. six leaves of large leafed Kale
  8. one teaspoon of Blackberry Honey
  9. large handful of cashews

Whisk Chia until it is suspended in 1 cup of water, then add the Hemp and the cashew nuts to soak. Meanwhile, bring another cup of water to boil and when the kettle whistles, pour into a 2 cup glass to the 1 cup line.  Mix in Matcha with a small whisk and then add the Kakao Nibs. Add Mixed Berries and let melt.  Wash Kale and then tear stems apart from the kale.  Chop the kale stems, add them to the blender, tear up the Kale leaves and  put the leaves aside.  Take a small glass and fill with hot water from kettle and melt the coconut oil and honey. Put on ear plugs and add both the soaking and the melting cups  to the blender, then also add the small honey + coconut oil  and blend it all up. Stop the blender and add the  torn Kale leaves.  This should fill the blender to six cups, though if there is room for more water you can top it off.

DVD-meisterklasse“Although there is no dearth of great performances of Bach’s Suites for solo cello — indeed, they seem to be increasing geometrically as the years go by — this 2003 recording by Maria Kliegel still deserves to be heard. Heck, it deserves to be embraced and cherished as one of the warmest, most human, and most moving performances of the Suites ever recorded. Listening to Kliegel, one is hardly aware of her magnificent technique any more than one is aware of her magisterial interpretations. Although deeply individualistic, Kliegel’s performances are so effortless, so natural, so inevitable that one is hardly aware that they are performances. One seems instead to hear the music without an intermediary, its long lines, its dark colors, and its ineluctable rhythms without mediation. Better yet, one seems to hear the emotional, the intellectual, and the spiritual contents of the music without intermediary, its brilliance, its evanescence, and its profundity without mediation. While Kliegel’s phrasing and tempos are all her own, the heights and depths of her performances seem greater than the sum of the phrasing and tempo. They appear to touch the infinite.”  —James Leonard,

by Alwyn + Alexander


  1. two table spoons Chia seeds
  2. one handful of dried Gogi berries
  3. three table spoons of shelled Hemp seeds
  4. one large chunk of Ginger
  5. half of one Avocado
  6. one Banana (skinned)
  7. one small bundle of Cilantro (about 1/3 of grocery bunch)
  8. six leaves of large leafed Kale
  9. two dates
  10. large handful of Almonds

Soak Chia and Gogi in 1 cup of water. Chop ginger and dates and add together with almonds to what’s soaking.  Wash Kale and Cilantro and tear stems apart from the kale, then chop the kale stems and add also. Chop Cilantro, tear up the Kale leaves, peel banana and halve an avocado, refrigerating one half and quartering and peeling the other half. Put all of this stuff aside and also have hemp seeds handy. Put on ear plugs and add the soaking stuff to the blender, cover it and blend it all up. Stop the blender and add the chopped Cilantro and torn Kale leaves. Add another cup of water and then cover and blend thoroughly. Cautiously open blender while it’s blending and see about adding the Hemp.  Finally, add the banana and then the avocado.

Polar Bear ” are clearly trying new things, ensuring that their brand of jazz-punk remains at the forefront of forward-thinking jazz music with an incessant desire to rebel against current trends.”  –TinyMixTapes