I often find myself ecstatic to be able to listen to an incredibly diverse range of music while simultaneously cooking and eating an incredibly diverse range of foods.  I am a discerning omnivore: eating, listening, watching, seeing, reading.  This blog is a kind of culture-remix, using lists, images, quotes, links, and whatever else lends itself in diverse combinations and sequenced to my personal tastes.

I am grateful for the wonderful websites and blogs out there from which I consume so much (about) music, film, nutrition, and food; I am endlessly grateful for books and for film and for their many authors; and I make photographs and cook in roughly equal parts.  I hope to connect people who stumble on this blog with combinations of media that might not have previously been considered, whether recipes for eating, listening, reading, watching or seeing.  While most of the blogs I come across are media specific,  I am thinking of an organic mash-up of everything all in one place –what consumes me and what I consume. Have a taste and drop me a line if something does you right!

Disclaimer:  I have been collecting records  -new and old- since I was eleven years old, I have have been actively reading books from the library since my earliest memories and collecting them  -new and old- since I was old enough to read.  The issue of copyright is a challenging one in the 21st century and I believe strongly in keeping the internet free from corporate control (See: Good Copy/Bad Copy).  I would not hear half of the music I listen to now nor would I go hear live musicians with anywhere near the frequency that I do without the culture of torrents, rar and zip files available through blogs and second party sources, and musician run sites such as bandcamp (amazing!) and soundcloud.   I was an early subscriber to emusic, however after 5 years the prices went up higher than I could legitimately afford.  I actively hear as much live music as I can, I still collect vinyl, cassettes, CD’s, and 45’s, I am a member of the North West Film Forum and I see every movie that is released in the theaters there first, and my book collection is ever-growing.

With all of that said, if there are links to work amongst the posts here which you find objectionable, please drop me a line and I will remove them.  This blog is created in the spirit of sharing and I heartily encourage everyone to go out and consume art, literature, music, and good food –onward!