-Cottage cheese
-Balsamic oil
-Olive oil
-Salt + pepper
-Starch: Sourdough bread, potatoes, chips, whatevs….

  • Wash, chop & steam a pan of kale.
  • Meanwhile, toast bread or attend to starch as needed….
  • chop a fat clove of garlic
  • sliver some onion (to taste)
  • Mix onion + garlic together in a bowl with equal parts: jogurt + cottage cheese
  • Salt, pepper, and sprinkle the dairy mix with olive oil  (to taste)
  • Take kale off stove and toss in balsamic vinegar, oil + salt/pepper
  • Slice avocado and put on newly toasted toast (salt + pepper to taste)
  • Beverage of choice

I’m thinking about the end of the world and what might be in my larder if I’m lucky.  Consider it blunted in the bombshelter -a no nonsense mineral rich tasty treat of zero imagination or means.  The picture above is Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s founding leader, from a glorious 1981 propaganda poster with current US tyrant’s head attached.  Kim Jon Ung, grandson of Kim Il, is moving towards a Trumpian autocracy in North Korea, as describe in James Bondian detail here.



Tim Berne’s cut, Thin Ice, will clear the mind and free the soul….