1. Garlic
  2. Orange
  3. Tulsi Green Tea
  4. Red Potatoes
  5. Bubbie’s Traditional Old World Sauerkraut
  6. Aidells Garlic & Gruyer Cheese Smoked Chicken Sausages
  7. Dinosaur Kale
  8. Organic Butter
  9. Red Wine Vinegar
  10. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  11. Ground Pepper & Sea Salt
  12. Mustard
  13. Dark Chocolate

Today I felt a wee-little-bit-of-a cough down-deep so I  decided to nip it in the bud:
Eat one large clove of Garlic (raw) and one Orange and prepare a large cup of strong Tulsi Green Tea.  Next, add 4 Red Potatoes to boiling water and in separate pan add a bed of Sauerkraut with two Sausages on top.  Cover the latter and steam about ten minutes.  Meanwhile, wash half a bundle of kale, strip the leaves off and chop the stems and leaves separately.  Once the Sausages are done, remove from heat. In their place, put on water to steam the kale with the chopped stems in the bottom, just covered in water, and with the leaves on top, covered. Remove quickest cooking potatoes once fork-soft and skin them, leaving larger ones to cook a little longer.  After 5 minutes the kale will be ready (fresh green color, not dark from over cooking).  Serve potatoes slathered in butter with salt and pepper to taste, toss the kale in vinegar, oil, salt, + pepper, and serve the sauerkraut + sausages with mustard on the side.  Drink tea and finish with two squares dark chocolate.

The facts:

Lester Bowie – trumpet
Arthur Blythe – alto sax
Amina Myers – piano, organ, vocal
Malachi Favors – bass
Phillip Wilson – drums

1. Amina (Bowie, Blythe, Myers, Favors, Wilson)
2. Captain Courageous (Lester Bowie)
3. Tricky Slicky (Bowie, Blythe, Myers, Favors, Wilson)
4. Chili MacDonald (Bowie, Blythe, Myers, Favors, Wilson)
5. For Fela (Lester Bowie)

Recorded in Rome on April 16, 1978 at Mama Dog Studio and produced by Aldo Sinesio

Long out of print; courtesy of inconstant sol

by Alexander