I just heard/saw Morton Subotnick/Lillevan melt space/time at Town Hall in Seattle.  The surround sound was awesome in the true sense of the word and Subotnick/Lillevan created sounds/images both beautiful and challenging.  Need I say more?….  Here’s a taste from youTube.

“Following up Subotnick’s debut album, Silver Apples of the Moon was a record that was in many ways its twin partner: Titled The Wild Bull, it was commissioned by Nonesuch Records, executed on the newly-created Buchla synthesizer, sequenced into two parts (Side One and Side Two) totaling a length just under a half an hour and loosely inspired by poetry from the pre-technological past of humanity. But the similarities quickly end there, because whereas his previous album was based on the verse of Yeats and underlined by glittering displays of avant-garde freakouts and peaceful planetary soliloquies, on The Wild Bull Subotnick was touched with an inspiration far removed in both time and space and one infinitely darker than the space between the planets: namely, with a Sumerian poem cuneiformed into wet tablets sometime around 1700BC, from which The Wild Bull takes its title.”  Julien Copeland,

by Jefferson Petry