1. one Apple (or Grapefruit, Pear, etc)
  2. ten grams Spirulina
  3. eight grams Chlorella
  4. one tbls Dr.Bronner’s  Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil
  5. one pint H2O
  6. seven Brazil Nuts (and/or a handful of almonds/walnuts)
  7. one cup Mao Feng Green Tea

Put on tea kettle and set up tea pot.  Slice and eat apple while mixing sea greens into a pint glass of water using a small whisk.  Leave one Apple slice aside for last.  Drink sea greens when mixed.  Put Coconut Oil in mouth and let melt –YUM!  Eat nuts and finish up with last apple slice.  Drink tea and go forth into the day.  Repeat every morning….

“Dripping with ad-hoc samples and looped echo, the mixtape opens with an instrumental piece; the atmosphere it conjures is thick and grime-ridden, a gloop-smothered gateway into some hash-riddled snuff box of impropriety and prank. …BOY FROOT plays the length of LOOTERS to his advantage. The music is a drugged-up sprawl of well-crafted and inventive hip-hop that resets the boundaries of home recording.”

–BIRKUT, TinyMixTapes.com