“The financial collapse and Occupy’s insight have shattered the bipartisan conservative consensus that dominated both parties after Reagan –on austerity, deregulation, free trade, privatization and more. Now progressives have the more compelling argument: for a generation, they argue, entrenched interests have rigged the rules, lowering taxes on the rich and stashing trillions abroad.  They starved investments vital to our future, from renovating decrepit infrastructure to supporting public education from pre-K to college. Multinationals defined trade policies that racked up record deficits and shipped jobs abroad.  Insurance and drug companies hiked healthcare costs to the highest in the wold, as quality lagged. Banks have been rescued; homeowners and students have been abandoned. The old policies are serving only the few”

— The New Insurgents by Robert L. Borosage, The Nation, Oct.21, 2013


“The basic conceit of Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms, that hip-hop producer Oh No sampled exclusively from the catalogue of composer Galt MacDermot, is a clever one….. At the center of this project is a 78-year-old man who’s welcomed producers…into his home to peruse his collection for sample records….. Galt grew up listening to his musical father’s records and studied and internalized the local music when his family moved to South Africa during his college years. Oh No’s beginnings are similar. Born into a musical family with an encouraging musician father, he parsed what he liked and developed it…. So the union of these two artists, from different times and places, who simply love music and made it their lives is, I can’t lie, heartening. I realize that’s a very rosy and uncool way to look at the world, but Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms just kind of does that to you.”
Peter Macia; December 13, 2006, Pitchfork

by Alexander